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Welcome to FiftySeven

We build, buy & grow profitable businesses

Outcome focused, 100% bootstrapped, fiercely independent bunch

Our Brands

Our Brands

Lead Discovery Platform
Find accurate, in-depth info on your B2B prospects
Data Intelligence
Next-gen Tech lookup tool Discover the tech behind any website, instantly
Data Intelligence
Data Product Studio
Building useful data products for the world
Free Resource for Growth, Marketing, Advertising & Sales Insights
Sales & Marketing
Fast Growing Companies Index & Data Intelligence
Data Intelligence


Production-grade Crawling/Indexing platform powering billions of data points
Sales & Marketing
Comprehensive Datasets for Sales, Marketing, research

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About us

It's 2024 & we act like it

We’re a collective that embraces the new.

100% Remote

For us, modern slavery is stealing time away from people to live their best lives. Most work is bonded labour in a modern context taking advantage of people’s circumstances. 100% Remote work has been our answer to put small dent in the universe to end this modern slavery.

People First

We build for people. For people like you. We also build along with people. For you. So we’re people first – always. From giving an 8 month notice to supporting side projects, we try our best to be people first.


We’re driven by something. For some it’s purpose, excellence, pushing the boundaries, doing simple things. Whatever it is, we stay driven.

Work together

Build together, from anywhere

We’re constantly looking for the next talent team member to join one of our ventures or a venture to buy or sell. If you’re interested in any of the above, email us at hello [at] fiftyseven [dot] is

Side Projects

Do good. Try things.

We believe businesses can do good, experiment with projects & do interesting things too


We have a dedicated non profit foundation that takes on social causes:


Thoughts, scribbles, updates

We occasionally share experiences, announcements, thoughts here

We do interesting things everyday. Some are original, some inspired. Some work, some give us important lessons. Some make money, some make progress.

What's important is that we do interesting things, everyday 🙂

Harlaksh Singh

Founder of FiftySeven